Worried about flooding?

In 2016 the Environment Agency redrew their Flood Maps and put the site of South Gables into a flood zone.

The map to the right dated in 2015 is called ‘what’s in your back yard’ and clearly shows our site in the green low risk zone.

Their new flood maps, available on line today, draws grids in 50m squares, if any property inside that grid or square does flood, the EA now show ALL the properties inside that square as susceptible to flooding - THIS IS NOT THE CASE.

In August 2017 we made representation to the Environment Agency and they replied with a letter and map called ‘Modelled Flood Outlines’ and as you can see from the images of the letter and the attached plan, South Gables is not inside any high risk flood zone even though the EA websites show that it is!
The latest communication from the Environment Agency on the 21 May 2018 indicates that the South Gables development is in flood zone 1, an area with a low probability of flooding.

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